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L'Afrique du Sud au collège

A letter from Nathan

Par STEPHANIE RUBEZ, publié le mercredi 26 avril 2017 10:50 - Mis à jour le mercredi 26 avril 2017 21:52
Lettre de Nathan adressée à son correspondant du primaire...

Hello, THEO,

How are you ?
We had the visit of young South African girls at school.
They stayed for two weeks.
They visited the saltmarshes in Guerande, the castle and « machines de l’Ile » in Nantes … They went shopping.

Our English teacher organized a big party !
There was a dinner after the party.
We sang their national anthem, ''The lion sleeps tonight'' and ''Shosholoza''.
There were games and we acted.
After dinner, all the pupils danced.

With our school, all our Grades 6 went to Crest Voland to ski.
We loved our igloo and snow sculptures and we prepared snow balls. We stayed for a week.





I am happy to be on holiday. I have got a bike and I can go for a ride with my friends.






I can play football and tennis with Clement, my best friend.

Goodbye, Theo .