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L'ouverture internationale

LONDON : the transfiguration of the common place!

Par FRANCOIS CARRIE, publié le dimanche 12 février 2012 11:06 - Mis à jour le dimanche 12 février 2012 11:06

 Will Pearson is o London based photographer ...he's great, just have a look!


Sa démarche est pas seulement artistique, elle devient philosophique lorsqu'il se fixe pour objectif de "transfigurer" le lieu commun, un extrait d'une interview vous permettra de mieux la comprendre:

Can you please elaborate about your artistic philosophy?
I used to work with an inspiring chef when I was a student, working in the kitchens to support myself. He was interested in painting and writing and he used to talk to me about a philosophy called ‘the transfiguration of the commonplace’, whereby everyday objects can become art. 360 degree photography shows everything within an environment or a location so the audience views the entire scene – so instead of setting up a shot, you’re showing the commonplace. You may or may not have a choice about what is there, but representing (or transfiguring!) that commonplace experience in an exciting or unusual manner is the job of the artist.


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